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What it takes to get Approved

Most building work in Victoria requires a Building Permit. Buildings come in all shapes and sizes therefore the information required to get Approved by ED will vary.

Please contact us so that we can explain exactly what information/documentation is relevant to your proposal.

For us to assess your Building Permit application you will need the following;

  • A Completed signed application Form (to provide us your details and what you want to build)

  • A copy of the Appointment of Building Surveyor (Only to be completed by the property owner)

  • A copy of Title, Plan of subdivision and any covenant restrictions

  • Plans of what you propose to build

  • Other reports, documents and approvals will vary depending on the proposed work.


The Building Regulations in Victoria are minimum requirements which means that they are generally fairly reasonable to comply with, however they are not always easy to understand, particularly for someone who doesn’t deal with them on a daily basis. We are always more that happy to take a little extra time to help you understand exactly what is required.