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Your Local Building Permit Specialist

Experienced Building Surveyor based in Leongatha. Servicing Bass Coast, Phillip Island and South Gippsland.

Specialising in Building Permits, Building Advice and Building Inspections.

At Approved By ED we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh practical approach to the Building Surveyor profession with services tailored to the individual clients requirements.

Our focus is providing great service efficiently and making the approval process as stress free for our clients as possible.

We love a challenge and engaging in all types of construction, from eco friendly design to the newest innovations.


Building Permits
These days almost everything you would like to build, extend or alter requires a building permit. We can guide you throughout the entire process from application to approval through to finalisation.
Building Advice & Consultancy
Aiming to provide premium advice in relation to both proposed and existing buildings. Getting the right advice early could save you thousands.
Owner Builder (137b) Reports
Also known as a Defects Report, getting an Owner Builder Report from Approved by ED will assist Owner Builders with selling their property should they choose to down the track. These reports are required on properties being sold within 6.5 years of building work being finalised.
Building Inspections
Carrying out mandatory inspections throughout the build process to ensure the construction is carried out within the approved Building Permit and relevant requirements.
Swimming Pool/Safety Barrier Inspections
Compliance Inspections for new and existing safety barriers. Giving vendors and purchaser’s peace of mind in relation to swimming pools and spas and their safety barriers (fences). Or just a chance for a conscientious owners to ensure their swimming pool or spa is safe.
Building Certifications
We can inspect and certify existing building work or provide a report confirming the level of compliance achieved by a building.
Liquor Licence Calculation Reports
Approved by ED can prepare these reports detailing the number of occupants permitted within a premise, for the purpose of getting a liquor licence. Helping owners to understand the sometimes tricky requirements of the VCGLR (Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Control).
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments
Since Black Saturday in 2009 the Victorian Government have reformed the Bushfire Regulations in Victoria. Approved by ED can do a BAL assessment to confirm the level of risk to proposed building work in accordance with AS 3959.1 – 2009. We can also help you to understand the minimum requirements your build will be required to meet.
Council Notice/Order Resolutions
Council Notice/Order Resolutions
Approved by ED understand from time to time building work is done without the appropriate Building Permits. Although it’s not our main focus and can often be more time consuming, Approved by ED are willing to offer this service where they can. However clients should be aware that sometimes there may be a delay as Building Permits for new buildings take priority.



May 26th, 2019|

You may have already heard that the new look BCA/NCC 2019 came into affect on May 1st, many of the changes are cosmetic but there are a few major changes. See ABCB, HIA or Master Builders for specifics, examples of some of the changes;
- Inclusion of lots more informative diagrams.
- Condensation requirements (Permeable sarking, exhaust fans, cladding cavities, etc).
- 12 month period to transition to new energy efficiency requirements.
- Poly Carbonate roofing is now allowed to some detached verandahs/carports.
- Restrictions on Balcony/Deck Wailing Plates.
- Cladding and flashing clarifications.

The VBA are currently finalising changes which will take affect JULY 1st. The changes are significant and will particularly affect the behind the scenes work that goes into issuing building permits.
– The VBA will now issue building permit numbers for each job and are allowing themselves up to 5 days from when a building permit is ready to do so.
– Payment of the VBA Levy will be required to be paid individually to the VBA. It’s unclear who will be able to do so at this stage.
– Building Permit fees to be paid upfront.


Do I need a Building Permit?

April 30th, 2019|

A Building Permit is required for pretty much anything you want to build including a new dwelling, swimming pool, garage, carport, verandah, deck, extension, renovation and demolition. Even some smaller work such as a retaining wall, fence, spa and pergola may also require a Building Permit. There are few exemptions other than a 3m x 3m garden shed, although even small garden sheds have requirements to meet.

For more information regarding Building Permits please click here to go to our frequently asked questions page. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website also contains plenty of information and explains the difference between a Building Permit and Planning Permit here. If you have any questions about building work requiring a Building Permit feel free to give us a call on 1300 656 052 as we are always happy to chat.