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Your Local Building Permit Specialist

Experienced Building Surveyor based in Leongatha. Servicing Bass Coast, Phillip Island and South Gippsland.

Specialising in Building Permits, Building Advice and Building Inspections.

At Approved By ED we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh practical approach to the Building Surveyor profession with services tailored to the individual clients requirements.

Our focus is providing great service efficiently and making the approval process as stress free for our clients as possible.

We love a challenge and engaging in all types of construction, from eco friendly design to the newest innovations.


Building Permits
These days almost everything you would like to build, extend or alter requires a building permit. We can guide you throughout the entire process from application to approval through to finalisation.
Building Advice & Consultancy
Aiming to provide premium advice in relation to both proposed and existing buildings. Getting the right advice early could save you thousands.
Owner Builder (137b) Reports
Also known as a Defects Report, getting an Owner Builder Report from Approved by ED will assist Owner Builders with selling their property should they choose to down the track. These reports are required on properties being sold within 6.5 years of building work being finalised.
Building Inspections
Carrying out mandatory inspections throughout the build process to ensure the construction is carried out within the approved Building Permit and relevant requirements.
Swimming Pool/Safety Barrier Inspections
Compliance Inspections for new and existing safety barriers. Giving vendors and purchaser’s peace of mind in relation to swimming pools and spas and their safety barriers (fences). Or just a chance for a conscientious owners to ensure their swimming pool or spa is safe.
Building Certifications
We can inspect and certify existing building work or provide a report confirming the level of compliance achieved by a building.
Liquor Licence Calculation Reports
Approved by ED can prepare these reports detailing the number of occupants permitted within a premise, for the purpose of getting a liquor licence. Helping owners to understand the sometimes tricky requirements of the VCGLR (Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Control).
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments
Since Black Saturday in 2009 the Victorian Government have reformed the Bushfire Regulations in Victoria. Approved by ED can do a BAL assessment to confirm the level of risk to proposed building work in accordance with AS 3959.1 – 2009. We can also help you to understand the minimum requirements your build will be required to meet.
Council Notice/Order Resolutions
Council Notice/Order Resolutions
Approved by ED understand from time to time building work is done without the appropriate Building Permits. Although it’s not our main focus and can often be more time consuming, Approved by ED are willing to offer this service where they can. However clients should be aware that sometimes there may be a delay as Building Permits for new buildings take priority.


Christmas Break

December 8th, 2020|

The office will be taking a break over the Christmas period from Wednesday the 23rd of December until Thursday the 14th of January 2021. Please ensure you contact us as early as possible prior to this if you know you will need an inspection completed during these dates and we will do our best to make arrangements.

COVID-19 Update

September 7th, 2020|

Due to COVID-19 and further restrictions we are currently limiting visitors into the office until further notice, however we are more than happy to chat via other arrangements including phone and email, so please reach out if you have any queries. Most of our staff have been working from home were possible since March when the initial restrictions were put in place and we thank you for your patience and continued support during this time as we all adapt to the ever changing current climate. We are lucky enough to be otherwise fully functioning with minimal interruptions to our ability to work as per usual and will keep this set up in place until the government advises otherwise. Thanks again and stay safe everyone!

Holidays and Office Closure

December 9th, 2019|

Christmas Holidays

The business will be taking a break over the Christmas period from Friday the 20th of December until Monday the 6th of January 2020. Please ensure you contact us as early as possible prior to this if you know you will need an inspection completed during these dates and we will do our best to make arrangements.
We (Elliot, Kayla and our little guy) will be overseas during the break. We are very excited to be heading over to Austria to visit Elliot’s brother and enjoy our first White Christmas.
Nerelle and Nikki will be back in the office in the new year from the 6th of January and will be able to book inspections as required and answer any queries you may have. Elliot and Kayla will be back from the 20th of January .
Please note that no building permits will be issued while Elliot is away and other inspectors will be carrying out the inspections during this time. We hope you understand that a few days notice will be required for all inspections over this holiday period.